ISS Palumbo: successful projects in port logistics

Port logistics is a crucial, but often undervalued and under-known, piece in global supply chains. However, investments in natural gas transport, together with growth forecasts for the coming years, make port logistics a sector full of professional opportunities.

Since 2004, ISS Palumbo, a leading exponent in the Project Cargo sector, has developed many experiences in Port Logistics, specializing in pipe handling and storage operations for offshore natural gas pipeline laying projects.

We offer complete services, including reception, storage and transport of coated and uncoated pipes, as well as the management of project equipment and materials and assistance to the Customer’s operational naval vessels.

In this article we take a closer look at the success stories of ISS Palumbo in port logistics.


Port logistics: what it is and why it is so important

Port logistics refers to the organization and management of logistics activities associated with port operations. These activities include the movement, handling and storage of goods passing through a port. Port logistics is essential to ensure an efficient flow of goods to and from ships docking at ports.

The main components of port logistics include:


Materials movement

It involves the transfer of materials between ships, land transport vehicles and port warehouses. Handling may include the use of cranes, lifting equipment and specialized vehicles.


Management and storage of materials

Ports must provide safe and efficient storage facilities for materials

in transit. To do this it is possible to make use of outdoor storage areas, warehouses and inventory management systems.


Document processing

The movement of materials through ports involves the processing of a series of documents, such as shipping notes, customs documents and invoices. A company that offers a port logistics service must know how to correctly manage the documentation associated with materials in transit.


Coordination of activities

It involves the synchronization of different port activities, such as the arrival and departure of ships, cargo handling and customs operations. For efficient management, collaboration between the different parties involved, including port authorities, freight forwarders, terminal operators and other entities, is absolutely necessary.


Control and security

The security of materials and port infrastructure is a priority. Port logistics must include security measures to protect goods from damage, theft or other risks.


Port logistics: projects carried out by ISS Palumbo from 2016 to today

ZOHR project in Egypt and Cyprus 2016 – 2019

This project allowed natural gas to be transported from the Zohr offshore field to the Egyptian coast.

ISS Palumbo Egypt played a strategic role in providing port and agency logistics services in Damietta and Cyprus for the construction of 6 submarine pipelines with a length of approximately 200 km each.

The port logistics activities required areas of over 80,000 m2 in the ports of Damietta and Limassol / Larnaca, for the reception, storage and subsequent loading onto the customer’s naval vessels of approximately 100,000 tubes in the 3 years of work

In addition to the pipes, ISS Palumbo managed all the materials and equipment necessary for the Project in port warehouses. Furthermore, it managed maritime agency assistance in ports for the numerous special naval vessels that followed one another for offshore pipe laying operations.

Connections between the various wells drilled in the area of ​​the Zohr field were also managed (including the countless crew change services), where the necessary documentation for the transit of personnel was provided, from reception to arrival at the airport , until their transfer on board the ships.


TAP – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project 2016 – 2020

Our management of the TAP project (100 km of submarine pipeline from Albania to the Apulian coast) included port logistics and maritime agency services in Brindisi (IT), demonstrating the breadth of our skills.

logistica portuale iss palumbo Progetto TAP –Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The appropriate management of the receipt and storage of the coated pipes, materials and equipment of the Project and their embarkation on special naval vessels, the assistance to the Client’s offshore fleet, in addition to the coordination tasks, highlight our ability to manage projects on a large scale in the energy sector.


Zohr North and South Field Offshore Project – 2022/2023

ISS Palumbo Cyprus played a crucial role in the project of further development of the Zohr offshore field in Egyptian territorial waters, appropriately managing port operations from Limassol, Cyprus, including the reception, transportation and storage of special materials and equipment.

logistica portuale iss palumbo Progetto Offshore Zohr North e South Field

The ISS Palumbo service included logistical assistance and maritime agency operations, as well as the management of crew changes on the Customer’s naval vessels. In this way, ISS Palumbo has once again affirmed its ability to successfully address complex logistical challenges in the offshore Oil & Gas sector.

Offshore meaning: Offshore logistics means installations or objects located offshore, fixed or floating, intended or used for the purposes of all the Operator’s activities associated with offshore activities.

Read the full case study ISS Palumbo Cyprus: the ZoHR South Field offshore project.


Trust the experience of ISS Palumbo

With its vast experience and capabilities in the field of port and offshore logistics, ISS Palumbo demonstrates skill and reliability in large-scale international projects, such as TAP and Zohr.

Participation in these projects underlines our expertise in managing complex logistical challenges, making us an ideal partner for highly complex projects.

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