Ethics & Sustainability

“Certain of obtaining results which can foster benefits and advantages for all the stakeholders involved, ISS Palumbo believes in its own active role towards corporate social responsibility and operates by promoting the principles of respect for people, the environment and the community.”

This approach to sustainability is based on the main objective of producing a responsible profitability, providing environmentally friendly services and ensuring an ethical corporate conduct.

The ISS Palumbo GROUP undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with the law, as well as with loyalty, professional correctness and economic efficiency.

ISS Palumbo promotes a sustainable global economy and is committed to respecting human rights, to promoting fair working practices, to protecting the environment and to fighting corruption.


The Code of Ethics of the Group is part of the ISS Palumbo Standards and was adopted to disseminate the values, corporate culture and behavioural rules which form the basis of its business management and of relations with all stakeholders.

ISS Palumbo has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to L. Decree 231/2001 which defines a set of principles and procedures aimed at preventing people from committing the offences envisaged by the Decree.

The Model constitutes the foundation of the ISS Palumbo governance system and it implements the process of disseminating a corporate culture based on fairness, transparency and legality.

The Legality Rating is a recognition conferred by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), which rewards companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility. This recognition indicates compliance with the law by companies and the degree of attention in the proper management of its business in a transparent way.

ISS Palumbo obtained the Legality Rating, with a score of two “stars” +.

“Obtaining the legality rating and the high score recognized to us confirms our commitment to the path of continuous improvement, undertaken in compliance with all company interlocutors, such as Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Banks and Institutions”.

ISS Palumbo proudly shares the certification obtained during the day spent with Legambiente in Calambrone (Pisa) for the redevelopment of abandoned waste.

Our employees have collected over 300 kg of waste abandoned along the coast and the dunes, contributing to an important action to protect and enhance the marine territory.

With their commitment, 2 of the 17 goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development have been achieved.

During the most critical period of the pandemic our company has experimented a new way of work thanks to the adoption of Remote Working.

The «intelligent» reconsideration of the modalities by which the working activities have carried out during the past months, has allowed the company, by means of a new organization, to survive. All this consequently had an impact both on environmental sustainability and on the savings in time and costs given by the reduction of home-work trips, as can be seen from the study that was carried out.

ISS Palumbo engages to promote an ethic and responsible business behaviour, in the respect of laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, applicable in the countries where it operates.

ISS Palumbo board of directors has adopted an antibribery manual, with the aim of supplying a reference document about the rules and the procedures regarding antibribery, in compliance with the ethic standards and the full respect  of international and domestic laws concerning the prevention of any kind of both direct and indirect bribery, as well as with the integrity, transparency  and fairness in the performance of the group’s working activities.

It is of the main importance the guarantee that all the people working on behalf of the company understand their own responsibilities and behave according to the company’s values, as the policy adopted by the company towards bribery is of “zero tolerance”.

The antibribery handbook is applicable to all the company’s employees worldwide and to those who operates on behalf of and/or in the interest of the company, or who have business or collaboration or any kind of relationship with the company, who therefore are supposed to read it.

The first balance sheet of sustainability of ISS Palumbo, in addition to reporting the economic, environment and social performance, referred to 2022, witnesses the focus of the Group on the alleged company’s social responsibility.

And it’s the respect of people, environment and our community – that is all both the internal and external stakeholders of our company – represents a real milestone in ISS Palumbo corporate architecture, in which sustainability has a founding value, having oriented our company has oriented since the beginning and played a fundamental role in the achievement of the creation of value by means of a responsible growth.


The sustainability balance sheet is an instrument by which our company describes its evolution also by means of the introduction of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practises, the adoption of an integrated system for the management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health and the progressive integration of sustainability in the management processes by communicating at the same time with the highest transparency non financial info and the renewed engagement to reduce the impact of its activities on environment.