Ethics & Sustainability

“Certain of obtaining results which can foster benefits and advantages for all the stakeholders involved, ISS Palumbo believes in its own active role towards corporate social responsibility and operates by promoting the principles of respect for people, the environment and the community.”

This approach to sustainability is based on the main objective of producing a responsible profitability, providing environmentally friendly services and ensuring an ethical corporate conduct.

The ISS Palumbo GROUP undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with the law, as well as with loyalty, professional correctness and economic efficiency.

ISS Palumbo promotes a sustainable global economy and is committed to respecting human rights, to promoting fair working practices, to protecting the environment and to fighting corruption.

The Code of Ethics of the Group is part of the ISS Palumbo Standards and was adopted to disseminate the values, corporate culture and behavioural rules which form the basis of its business management and of relations with all stakeholders.

ISS Palumbo has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to L. Decree 231/2001 which defines a set of principles and procedures aimed at preventing people from committing the offences envisaged by the Decree.

The Model constitutes the foundation of the ISS Palumbo governance system and it implements the process of disseminating a corporate culture based on fairness, transparency and legality.