Marine Solutions

The Marine Solutions department provides a variety of consultancy and specialist services designed according to the specific needs of the Customer’s core business, thus ensuring a high quality service at an advantageous price.

The over 30 years’ activity has allowed ISS Palumbo to boast a vast experience in the field of providing maritime agency services, freight forwarders, ship chartering and support services. The know-how acquired has allowed developing an intuitive capacity for the challenges that Customers face when carrying out projects having, as part of their overall purpose, a complex component in maritime transport.

“We know that the management and execution of all aspects of multiple maritime activities can be challenging for Customers.”

In order to provide the complete solutions that Customers require, ISS Palumbo has set up a highly specialised team which combines Project Engineers, Master Mariners, maintenance technicians, naval architects, supercargo and operational personnel in sectors such as heavy lift (onshore and offshore), stowage, loading and lashing.

This multidisciplinary and multi-specialised team is structured to provide  a wide and varied range of services that Customers require in order to:

Select the best marine equipment for each individual project.

Ensure that the selected equipment meets industry standards and the requirements of the Marine Warranty Surveyor.

Provide all necessary HQSEs and operational procedures in line with the requirements of the project.

Prepare the ships and crew operating on the project sites.

Ensure safety, cost effectiveness and daily communication with Customers, in order to guarantee that all project KPIs are met.

The company’s objective is to offer a service capable of tackling complex challenges, such as projects which require the use of several ships with different technical specifications. ISS Palumbo offers a simplified contractual structure, therefore without
having to involve different players for completing the project, representing a strength for Customers, both in terms of quality and of finance.