ISS Palumbo Cyprus: the ZoHR South Field offshore project

Starting from the first months of 2023, ISS Palumbo Cyprus has been commissioned to provide logistics, transport and marine agency services for the ZoHR South Field offshore project in Egyptian territory.

In this challenge, ISS Palumbo stands out as a trusted partner, guaranteeing impeccable resource management and contributing to the success of the project.

This case study will explore the key role of ISS Palumbo Cyprus.

Together to overcome logistical challenges and optimize the path to operational excellence.


ISS Palumbo Cyprus: the beginning of the project

The activities began in August 2023, ending in November of the same year.

In this period, port assistance was provided for 9 calls to 4 special ships (construction vessels) in the Limassol port (Cyprus) on a 7/24 basis.

ISS Palumbo Cyprus provided a wide range of services, from shipping agency to crew change for over 250 people, as well as port logistics with all related services.


Operations Management in Limassol, Cyprus

ISS Palumbo Cyprus has stood out for its ability to efficiently, timely and professionally manage port operations in Limassol. In this way, the ships’ stay in port was limited to the bare minimum.

Here are the shipping agency services provided:

  • document management for arrival/departure;
  • management of quay availability for customs procedures;
  • loading and unloading of materials.


By operating promptly, ISS Palumbo guaranteed a smooth service for the ships involved in the project, under the continuous control of the Customer.

Our expertise in coordinating logistical and administrative aspects has played a crucial role in ensuring compliance and compliance with local regulations.


ISS Palumbo: how we managed the crew change challenge for more than 250 people

A crucial aspect of the project was the crew changes on board the ships, involving more than 250 people at various stages.

In particular, ISS Palumbo provided assistance to Limassol for:



  • LOI (Letter of Indemnity) and OKTB (ok to board) documentation for seafarers to be on board
  • Meet & Greet upon arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel
  • Transfer of seafarers from hotels to the port
  • Completion of customs formalities to be able to embark



  • Completion of customs formalities to disembark
  • Transfer of seafarers from the port to the hotel or directly to the airport
  • Transfer of seafarers from hotel to airport


ISS Palumbo Cyprus managed this complex challenge with precision, ensuring that every part of the process was conducted in compliance with safety regulations and managed flawlessly, from the logistics of personnel transfers.

Our experience in the industry has helped maintain the highest standards during all phases of crew changes.

ISS Palumbo Cyprus


Port Logistics

The ZoHR South Field project required detailed planning for port logistics.

ISS Palumbo Cyprus has demonstrated solid expertise in managing the operations of receiving and supplying materials necessary for the Project, as well as their storage in port awaiting loading and unloading on ships. All activities were coordinated in such a way as to maximize efficiency and minimize waiting times.

Our attention to detail helped ensure that all port activities were carried out safely and in compliance with regulations.


Related Services and Continuous Support

In addition to basic operations, ISS Palumbo Cyprus provided a whole host of additional services. Some of these were requested at the last minute, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to operational excellence.

The constant support and readiness to manage any unexpected events have contributed to consolidating the reputation of ISS Palumbo Cyprus as a reliable partner of the Client for complex maritime projects.


ISS Palumbo: our constant commitment to the projects

The participation of ISS Palumbo Cyprus in the ZoHR South Field project attests to the competence and commitment that the company can offer.

Our ability to efficiently and professionally manage operations in Limassol, together with the flawless management of crew changes and port logistics, underlines our leading position in the maritime sector in Cyprus.

The integrated approach to crew management has contributed not only to ensuring compliance with contractual requirements, but also to creating a safe and satisfying working environment for maritime personnel.

In this context, ISS Palumbo Cyprus emerges as a key catalyst for the success of the project, confirming its prominent position in the offshore logistics and maritime industry.

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