Port Logistics

Since 2004 ISS Palumbo has developed a unique experience in handling pipes and in port logistics operations concerning the laying of offshore pipes. ISS Palumbo guarantees reliability and experience; for each project located around the world, it is responsible for studying transport feasibility and implementation.

“It is our job to identify and suggest ports located near the project, to study transport in the maritime logistics base and to take care of the handling and storage of pipes and of all the equipment required by the Customer to implement its plan.”

The service offered for each assignment also includes all typical activities of the shipping agency for the Client’s fleets.

Pipes and other materials Handling

Storage and Transportation

Yard Management

In general, the services provided can be summarised as follows:

Receipt of the lined pipes in port from ocean-going vessels and their storage in dedicated port areas that are rented until the necessary area is reached, with specific characteristics and for long periods of time.

Reloading the pipes from the storage areas and loading on “Pipe carrier” vessels or barges for delivery “Offshore” to the Customer’s pipelayers. The use of suitable and specific equipment for handling pipes has been developed over the years. We use “reach stackers” with lifting unit equipped with hydraulic pins for safe handling of pipes and to ensure high performance in unloading/reloading operations.

Receiving, handling and storing in open areas or in warehouses all the equipment of the Project and the materials needed on board the Customer’s ships with subsequent delivery on board the support vessels using Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).