Workplace safety training: the commitment of ISS Palumbo

Workplace safety training: why is it so important for a logistics company today?

Workplace safety training is an essential priority for any logistics and Project & Freight Forwarding company committed to ensuring a safe and efficient professional environment.

It plays a crucial role in shaping a working context based on the prevention of accidents and injuries.

For ISS Palumbo, a logistics and Project & Freight Forwarding company in the field of international shipping with specialization in the Oil & Gas sector and integrated logistics, workplace safety training is not just a regulatory requirement, but a fundamental commitment that permeates every aspect of our business.


Safety at work: why it matters

Workplace safety in the logistics and transport sector represents a complex of strategic actions, both internal and external to the organization, all aimed at guaranteeing the safety of staff. This objective is achieved with the implementation of precautions, tools and prevention activities that ensure a reasonable degree of protection against events potentially harmful to the health of workers.

The implementation of adequate health and safety protection measures is not only a regulatory compliance, but an essential investment to improve health and safety at work. These measures significantly reduce the risk of accidents, not only for direct workers but also for external collaborators and anyone who occasionally finds themselves in the workplace.


Workplace safety training: possible risks related to the logistics and transport sector

In the logistics context, the identification of possible risk factors is divided into four key categories:

  • Risks related to the workplace
  • Risks associated with the equipment used
  • Risks to staff health
  • Risks inherent to the goods processed


Safety at work: regulations

From a regulatory point of view, the context of workplace safety is outlined by various sources, among which Legislative Decree 81/08 emerges with particular relevance. This regulatory text constitutes the regulatory basis for the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

In addition to Legislative Decree 81/08, the regulatory framework is made up of a multiplicity of laws and technical regulations, each with its own scope of application and specific details. Correct adherence to these regulations is essential to guarantee legal compliance and effective safety in the workplace.

At the same time, the adoption of company procedures and good practices contributes to assisting the correct work of workers, integrating the reference legislation with concrete practices adapted to the specific context of the company.

A synergistic approach between regulations and internal procedures is a key element to ensuring a safe and compliantly regulated working environment.


Workplace safety training ISS PALUMBO


Workplace safety training: a fundamental element of every logistics company

Investing in training dedicated to workplace safety not only strengthens the health and safety of workers, but brings a series of key benefits for both companies and their staff.

This is how a serious commitment to safety training can be a driver of success.

Reduction of the risk of accidents

An effective training program is a fundamental element against the risk of accidents in the workplace, prioritizing the protection of employee health and safety.

Regulatory compliance and cost savings

A workforce that is trained and aware of safety standards helps reduce accidents and, consequently, costs associated with legal fines and losses due to accidents. Prevention proves to be an investment that pays off over time.

Workplace safety training is not only an investment for the good of workers, but also a strategic pillar for business success. Understanding the requirements and benefits of a commitment to workplace safety training is the first step towards creating a safe and productive environment.

Workplace safety is not only a legal necessity but also a moral responsibility that every employer and employee should embrace to reduce injuries and create safer working environments.


Workplace safety training: main risks in warehouse management

Within our warehouses, the complexity of the activities poses specific risks.

Manual handling of loads

Manual handling of loads by warehouse operators represents one of the main risks, especially in the logistics sector. To mitigate this risk, ISS Palumbo uses targeted aids and instruments, not only to reduce the danger but also to optimize operational efficiency.

Movement of vehicles

Inside warehouses, the frequent circulation of vehicles such as forklifts, forklifts or electric pallet trucks entails the risk of being hit or crushed. Prudent management of these vehicles is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

Constant evaluation and monitoring

In addition to the risks highlighted, numerous other risk factors arise from the various activities carried out in warehouses. All these elements are subjected to a rigorous process of evaluation and constant monitoring, aimed at continuously improving safety practices.

ISS Palumbo’s dedication to proactive risk management reflects our commitment to a safe and growth-oriented work environment.


workplace safety training


ISO 45001: guarantee of health and safety at work

ISO 45001 is the international reference standard for health and safety at work. The objective is to protect employees and visitors from accidents and illnesses related to the working environment.

The rigorous standards of ISO 45001 certification result from the meticulous work of a committee of health and safety management experts, who carefully examined various systematic approaches, including those proposed by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

To maintain high standards, all companies in the ISS Palumbo group have obtained ISO 45001 certification.

Compliance with ISO 45001 is not just an achievement, but an ongoing commitment to excellence in health and safety management. Through this certification, ISS Palumbo demonstrates its commitment to providing safe working environments, promoting a corporate culture centered on prevention and protection of anyone who interacts with the company.

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Workplace safety training: how ISS Palumbo manages to limit risks

As a logistics and Project & Freight Forwarding company, our main goal is to reduce risks in the working environment. For this reason, we are committed to developing solutions that transform the workplace into a safe space ready to respond promptly to any emergency.

After a careful risk assessment, we inform and train workers to limit and prevent potential risks. We use personal protective equipment and devices, strictly following current regulations. Signs, both horizontal and vertical, help to clearly indicate the dangers present. Constant maintenance and periodic checks of the equipment are of primary importance to guarantee a working environment with safe and efficient machinery.

In addition to the legally mandatory training, we believe specific teaching for each job, carried out by managers with direct experience in the role, is essential.


Project & Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services: why choose ISS Palumbo as a partner

Our mission is to pursue maximum customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, the constant search for increasingly higher quality standards and the provision of services that are not only effective but also efficient.

The peculiarity that distinguishes us lies in our dedication to customization. In a world where every need is unique, we are committed to shaping tailor-made solutions, carefully adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

We recognize that success cannot simply be measured in terms of on-time deliveries, but rather the ability to consistently exceed expectations.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and build relationships based on trust and quality. The road to excellence is a never-ending journey, and we look forward to continuing to overcome challenges and grow together with our customers, tackling each new challenge with the same passion and dedication that sets us apart.

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