ISS Palumbo: from Port of Marghera to Abu Dhabi

With over four decades of experience in the logistics sector, ISS Palumbo stands out in the Project & Freight Forwarding sector, offering integrated logistics solutions and maritime agency services.

Our specialized division handles complex shipments globally, highlighting exceptional expertise in transporting large and heavy loads.

This case study is proof of how ISS Palumbo is a point of reference for Project & Freight Forwarding services worldwide.



ISS Palumbo: excellence in Project & Freight Forwarding

To date, our Project Freight & Forwarding division has successfully delivered over 6.5 million paying units worldwide.

ISS Palumbo handles up to 1000 tons for the transfer of massive machinery to industrial modules and port cranes. The fundamental pillar of our core business is the chartering of vessels for major shipowners and brokers in the Oil & Gas sector on a global scale.

Recently, ISS Palumbo once again demonstrated its excellence in the field of Project & Freight Forwarding, successfully completing a major shipment from the port of Marghera to the port of Abu Dhabi. This operation underlined not only our ability to manage complex logistics routes, but also our expertise in ensuring the transport of bulky loads safely and efficiently.

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How we manage exceptional loads

During this expedition, ISS Palumbo handled the load of 26 packages, for a total of 7875.94 cubic meters and a total weight of over 1,000 tons. Among these, the two Big Block Boilers represented an exceptional challenge, each with dimensions of 17.10 x 11.20 x 18.52 meters and a weight of 407 tons.

The transport of these packages, together with 3 other Economizers of 55 tons each and a further load of standard dimensions, highlights our ability not only in managing exceptional dimensions and weights, but also in planning optimal logistics routes to guarantee timeliness and safety.



ISS Palumbo: why we offer customized solutions

The route from Marghera to Abu Dhabi, characterized by specific logistical requirements and unique challenges, was tackled with our usual attention to detail and quality of service.

This shipment represents just one example of our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge Project & Freight Forwarding solutions, customized to each customer’s needs.

At ISS Palumbo, we continue to place our experience and skills at the service of customers, guaranteeing excellent results in every transport project, from port logistics to maritime logistics services. Our goal remains to exceed expectations, providing integrated and reliable logistics solutions in every situation.

We offer customized solutions to meet any specific needs of our customers.

Because your company is unique, and so should your logistics.




ISS Palumbo: a story (also) of social responsibility

ISS Palumbo undertakes to conduct its activities in full compliance with current laws, while maintaining high standards of loyalty, professional correctness and economic efficiency.

Our company actively promotes a sustainable global economy, with a responsible social footprint.

This is why we are constantly committed to respecting human rights at every stage of our operations, promoting fair working practices and contributing to environmental protection.

We recognize our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and strive for sustainable logistics.

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