Cargo shipments: Marghera – Abu Dhabi case study

In this logistical study, we want to analyze a case study of cargo shipments which involved the port of Marghera (VE) and the BCT/Abu Dhabi port (U.A.E).

Through this exhibition, we will see how ISS Palumbo successfully faced this complex logistical operation. The  Marghera – Abu Dhabi case study highlights our commitment to Project & Freight Forwarding services and the solutions applied.

Because ISS Palumbo move your business! 

Cargo shipments: ISS Palumbo’s commitment to international logistics

ISS Palumbo’s Project & Freight Forwarding division has organized the transportation of over 6.5 million units worldwide. These operations included a wide range of loads, from massive machinery to industrial modules and portal cranes weighing up to 1000 tonnes each.

In Project Cargo activity, ISS Palumbo stands out for its ability to identify ad hoc solutions for any challenge. Each shipment is the result of an active collaboration between our team of experts and our customers, ensuring a personalized approach to each project.

The synergy between our team and the shipowners allows us to select the most suitable ships for the entrusted shipments, managing both partial and full cargoes.

Furthermore, ISS Palumbo goes beyond simple transport, offering a complete range of ancillary services to fully support each phase of the shipment, such as:

  • customs formalities;
  • insurance coverage;
  • preparation of import and export documents;
  • goods storage and warehousing services.


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spedizioni cargo case study  Marghera - Abu Dhabi

Cargo shipments: case study Marghera – Abu Dhabi

The shipment in question involved the loading of the following materials:

  • no. 1 Boiler with the following characteristics: dim. 1710 x 1120 x 1852 cm – weight 407 tons. ;
  • no. 1 Lifting Beam with the following characteristics: dim. 854 x 718 x 526 cm – weight 10 tons.


We received the materials at the embarkation dock in Marghera and took care of organizing the “hooking on” activity, having then set the Owner a “Full Liner terms” conditions.

The ship departed from Marghera (VE) on 09/10/2023 and arrived in BCT/Abu Dhabi on 04/11/2023, therefore the transit time was 27 days.

Since BCT is a private dock, and in order to obtain authorization to dock, the ship had to first obtain approval (Vetting Certificate) following a thorough inspection.

Through our local partner we had to take care of the completion of the import customs formalities and the “hooking off” activity, while another local partner took care of the transport from BCT to the Job-Site (under the management and coordination of ISS Palumbo).

 Cargo transport: ISS Palumbo’s excellence in international logistics

About international freight transport, ISS Palumbo’s dedication stands out for uncompromising excellence.

With consolidated expertise and a wide range of solutions, we guarantee efficient, safe and customized transport to meet the specific needs of each load.

Our mission is complete customer satisfaction. Pursuing this objective requires a constant commitment to continuous improvement and the search for increasingly higher quality standards suitable for guaranteeing tailor-made, effective and efficient services.

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