Case study: Bialetti Industrie

Bialetti Industrie Logistics

Business description: In 2000 – 2001 ISS Palumbo carried out for Bialetti Industrie a detailed analysis of the organization structure of the final product logistics and gets the relevant contractual responsibility. 
The pluriannaul contract provides for the product management (the famous coffee maker “with the man with mustache” and household items) from its entrance in the warehouse until the final delivery, included the management of the warehouse and of the stocks, the preparation of the shipments and the distribution and delivery all over the world.


Project peculiarities: the complexity of distribution – due essentially to the wide range of Bialetti products sold all over the world, to the fragmentation of the final customers and to the expectations linked to a particularly renowned brand – are a further demonstration of the high degree of qualification that ISS Palumbo has achieved. The integration and the optimization of IT systems of the involved parties allows the permanent traceability of the items and limits the need of the customer’s  inputs to the communication of the sale order.

Products: Coffee makers and household appliances

Human resources: 45 people

Areas: 30.000 sheltered sqm – 8 Wareohuses

Main data: 8.000 items, 110.000 Pallets/year, 4.000.000 packagesi Out, 23.000 tons/year, 160.000 cbm/ayear, 40.000 Shipments Out.