Case study: Pedrini

Pedrini Logistics

Business description: from 2015 to 2020 we manage logistics for the customer Pedrini where we care the unloading of goods coming from the suppliers mainly via container, stocking, picking for the preparation of orders, planning and loading onto the trucks which will deliver to final customers (large scale distribution and retailers), reworking.

Project peculiarities: context characterised by work peaks, often consequent to the variability of the arrival of trucks and to the availability of stocked goods in warehouses, or to the discontinuous request of production of big quantitie of goods for the large scale distribution.

Products: Tooling  for the table and the kitchen

Human resources: 5/10 peoole on the basis of the required activities

Areas: 2.800 sqm of which 2.000 with shelves

Main data: over 1.000 items, 3.600 orders/year, 71.000 raws/year, 3.700 m3/year