Case study: OtoMelara

OtoMelara Logistics

Business description: since February 2006 our experience is furtherly enriched by the management of “classified and confidential” goods at the premises of OtoMelara in La Spezia, a leader company in the field complex of weapon system and combat vehicles for the armies all over the world. We manage all the logistic activities and all the warehouses (general, production, electronic, raw matterials and spare parts).

 Project peculiarities: about 200.000 shifts/year are carried out by our staff with our company’s vehicles plus about 7.000 shipments/year by means of both ordinary and exceptional transports. It is to be remarked that these operations have a high degree of complexity due to the confidentiality of the product.

Products: Defence systems and war vehicles

Human resources: 55 people

Areas: 14.000 sheltered sqm. – 10.000 sheltered sqm.

Main data: 58.000 items, 230.000 Picking, 15.000 spare parts and packaging, 3.200 loads and shipments, Controlled management areas