Case study: Hitachi Rail

Logistica Hitachi Rail

Business description:ISS Palumbo carries out an integrated logistics
service within the premises of HITACHI RAIL STS  in Reggio Calabria.

Management, tracking and operativity of all the logistics activities related to warehouse and materials management supply chain (reception and acceptance, allocation/physical accounting at stock pick up, preparation and packing, if necessary, of the delivery orders both to the internal and to the external users etc.) as well as of all the activities concerning the inner warehouse logistics (inner shifting along the production lines and the departments, lifting and lowering of railway cars, shifting by means of transhipment devices, operative management of the production lines of the assembling department etc.)

Project peculiarity: management of the logistics of an industrial warehouse for the production of highly technology rolling materials, pushes us to be always at
the research of new solutions to optimize processes and work in the logic of a continuous improvement

 Products :Materials necessary for the production of railway cars, sub-groups, railway cars, trains  shifting

Human resources: 13 technical clerks and 45 operators in partnership

 Areas: 20.000 smq indoor and  8.000 sqm outdoor

Main data:  20.000 delivery notes/year IN , 60.000 Incoming items; 325.000 pick up/year; 12.000 items ; 12.000 heavy shifting/year