Case study: Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil Logistics

Business description: within the refinery SARPOM Exxon/Mobil in Trecate our staff carry out the management of the warehouse and the assistance  to the prduction. They unload the trucks, check and stock everything necessary to the Refinery, from the spare parts, to the precious catalyst, up to the different tools, with picking and dedicated delivery. They also manage the activities concerning the execution of transports.

Project peculiarities: activities carried out in a  high risk operative context (flammability, explosivity, etc.) therefore the attention, the precautions and the severe rules and prescriptions are applied and respected according to the strictest safety and prevention procedures currently in force, as well as in the respect of the certifications ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

Products: Spare parts and Consumable

Human resources: 3 people

Areas: 10.000 unshletered sqm & 5.000 shletered sqm

Main data: 106.000 Picking/year Outbound, 87.000 raws/year Inbound, 8.000 Receptions/year, 1.000 Shipments/year