Case study: ENI Livorno

ENI Livorno Logistics

Business description: from 2015 to now we manage logistics for the eni refinery in Livorno where is carried out a global service involving the whole supply chain from the transport planning to the warehouse management. The products pick up from the productiion lines or the unloading of the suppliers’ trucks are the first step of a process that continues with their stocking in warehouses and ends up with the preparation of the orders transmitted by the planning office and with their loading onto the trucks which will delivery eni products all over the world.

Project peculiarities: eni operative context and the characteristics of the handled products are still an important «training» where it is possible to daily improve also on complex topics as the handling of dangerous goods or the environment safeguard.

Products: Industrial Oils & Packed oil products (from 1000 lt tanks to 1 lt containers)

Human resources: 40 people

Areas: 10000 unsheltered sqm & 18000 sheltered

Main data: 2500 items, 83000 shipped tons/year, 7200 shipments/year,  92000 deliveries/year