Case study: AnsaldoBreda

AnsaldoBreda Logistics

Business description: ISS Palumbo deals with the managemente, tracing and operativity of all the logistics activities concerning the supply chain of the warehouse and the management of the products (reception and acceptance, material and accounting allocation/pick up in stock, preparation and packaging of orders of delivery to the different internal and/or external users etc.) as well as of all the activities concerning the internal logistics  (internal handling along the production lines and the different departments, lifts and lowerings of the railway cars, manoeuvres with thanshipment devices, operative management of the production lines of the mounting division etc.).

project peculiarities: the items necessary to build up a tram/train are a lot and very different, therefore in this context we manage from carpentry to small components, from the furniture to the wheels, from the spare parts to glasses/doors to any other necessary component.

Products: Cars for trains and metro

Human resources: 78 people

Areas: 240.000 unsheltered sqm. & 10.000 sheltered sqm.

Main data: 22.500 DDT Out, 38.000 items, 77.000 BEM, 60.000 BEM warehouse, 180.000 Picking, 300 Shipped trains, 500 internal shifts Heavy