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Technical Specifications


MAIN PRODUCTS Defence systems and war vehicles
AREAS 14.000 smq. covered – 10.000 mq. open
MEANS & EQUIPMENT 4 Platform areas up to 44 mt.,
38 Forklifts,
5 Overhead Cranes,
6 Cranes up to 40 tons,
3 Trucks with cranes,
7 Forklift for industrial shifting,
2 Vans.
MAIN DATA 58.000 Items codes,
230.000 Picking,
15.000 Spare parts and packaging,
3.200 Cargoes and Shipments,
Controlled management Areas.

Since February 2006, our experience has furtherly increased thanks to the management of “classified and reserved” materials and goods at Oto Melara premises of La Spezia. Oto Melara is a leader company in this sector. Since 1905, it produces naval guns, very complex arms systems and fighting vehicles for the Army of many countries all over the world.
OtoMelara has given us the management of logistic activities concerning all their warehouses (general, production, electronic, raw materials and spare parts).
Every year our staff perform about 200.000 shifting operations with their own means, and about 7,000 shipments ( both normal and abnormal transports). It is to remark that such operations are highly complex as the products concerned are strictly under military secret.



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