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Technical Specifications


MAIN DATA Spare parts and consumable
AREAS 10.000 smq. opened & 5.000 smq. covered
FLEET AND EQUIPMENTS Forklift up to 25 q.li
Shaft Winch, Special Equipment
MAIN DATA 106.000 Picking/year Outbound
87.000 rows/year Inbound
8.000 Receipts/year
1.000 Deliveries/year

Within SARPOM Exxon/Mobil refinery of Trecate, our staff carries out activities related to the management of the warehouse and production assistance. These operations are performed in a high risk context (flammable, explosive products, etc.) and it’s for this reason that attention, care, and dispositions are applied by respecting the strictest safety and precautionary measures currently in force, as well as by observing the dispositions provided for by our ISO 18001 and OHSA 14001 certifications.

Our service includes the unloading of means of transport, the check and stocking of any tool/item used in the refinery: from the spare parts, to the precious catalyst, up to any kind of tools, with dedicated picking and delivery. The management of all the activities related to the execution of transports completes the service we are supposed to supply.



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