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Technical Specifications

MAIN PRODUCTS Industrial oil and oil products
AREAS 10.000 covered square meters – 15.000 open square meters
FLEET AND EQUIPMENTS vehicles and shifting vehicles are equipped to transport/shift inflammables
15 forklifts up to 8 tons
4 modules for industrial shifting
MAIN DATA 2.500 different kind of products
300.000 pallets/year
150.000 tons/year Out
1.800 bunkering
8.600 shipments/year

The activities performed within the ENI/Agip premises in Livorno are those related to the warehousing process. They begin with the pick up of products from the terminals of production lines. Then stocking, preparation of shipment orders and the final loading onto the means of transport follow.
The materials concerned are mineral oils packed in drums and other kind of similar containers easily damageable during the several shifting operations they are subject to. This kind of work has been extremely important for us to learn to have a great care and concern in such topics as ecology and environment protection.


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