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Technical Specifications


MAIN PRODUCTS Coffee makers and electric household appliances
AREAS 30.000 covered square meters – 8 warehouses
FLEET AND EQUIPMENTS 5 forklifts, 15 order pickers, 10 electric transpallets, 4 turret trucks
DATI PRINCIPALI 8.000 items – 110.000 pallets/year, 4.000.000 out packages
23.000 tons/year-160.000 cbm/year, 40.000 out shipments among which 2.000 WW CTNRS shipments

In 2000-2001, after many other experiences in the sector of logistics, Palumbo makes on behalf of Bialetti Industrie a detailed survey of its organization of logistics of the final product and it is awarded of the contract of logistics. Palumbo hires Bialetti’s staff working in the logistic department, as provided for by current laws. This multiannual contract provides for the management of the product from the end of the production line to its delivery at the final customer. It also includes the management of the warehouses and of the stock, the preparation of shipments and the distribution and delivery of goods all over the world. The high complexity of the distribution (due to the big variety of Bialetti’s products sold all over the world, the big number of final retailers who are widespread all over the world and the high expectations gravitating around the renowned Bialetti’s brand) witnesses the high degree of specialization Palumbo has achieved. By integrating and implementing both Bialetti’s and Palumbo’s IT systems it is possible to track goods at any time and to limit the need of communication of purchase orders by the customer. In particular, it has been possible to obtain a remarkable reduction of lead-time and the total variableness of the logistic costs as well as to upgrade the mansions of qualified staff who previously had been assigned routine tasks.


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